The carpal tunnel syndrome, that is due to the compression of the median nerve, is the most widespread musculoskeletal disorder. It results in numbness and tingling in the fingers, a decrease in tactile sensitivity and a loss of muscle strength in the affected wrist and in the hand. The prevention of this disease is essential because if detected in time, damages are reversible.

Already, a mechanic device which tests the sensitivity of the fingertip already exists: the user puts the patient's finger into a slot in order to perform sensitivity tests on the fingertip. It has been shown that there is a good correlation between the test and the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Today, the next step for Biotika®’s team is to make this device completely autonomous. In this way, the operator will only have to place the patient’s finger in the slot and start the testing process; he we then directly have to collected data on his computer. Finally, Biotika® will perform clinical tests to prove the utility of this device in the early prevention of carpal tunnel.

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parution : 08/06/2016

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