In France, there are 20 million people suffering from partial or total edentulism. It’s estimated that 60% of people over 60 years old have lost several teeth and that 16% of them are totally edentulous.
Most toothless patients are beneficiaries of removable dental prostheses that cause many problems (comfort, pain, malnutrition ...). For these reasons, it is sometimes necessary to attach a prosthesis to the mandible using dental implants.

The placement of these implants in the mandible remains difficult to perform since it requires a careful positioning of these two dental implants. The major difficulty resides in the realization of two symmetrical, parallel holes of specific depth to each different form of mandible. The stabilization of the dental prosthesis depends on a perfectly symmetrical and fixed position of these dental implants.

In response to this problem and in collaboration with a maxillofacial surgeon at the CHRU in Besançon and Statice®, Biotika® had mission to design a reliable which is non-cumbersome and easy-to-use for surgeons during the operation .

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parution : 08/06/2016

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