Premature babies stand for 8 % of births in France. Having neither the strength to suckle nor the sucking reflex nor the swallowing reflex, they are fed with a nasogastric tube.

The latter contains nutrients that ensure a proper growth of newborns as well as thickeners in order to avoid esophageal reflux. But this mixed milk loses its homogeneity as the high-molecular-weighed fall at the bottom of the syringe and stick to the walls. Therefore the newborns’ diet and digestion aren’t as perfect as they could be. In this regard, Biotika®’s project was to design an agitation system to resolve these problems.

The device that has been developed, called AGIMILK, vibrates with a micro-engine contained in a casing. A clipping system maintains the whole structure in its position so as to transmit the vibrations from the device to the syringe allowing the milk to be stirred.

This device can be fixed on any syringe pump, operates with a power supply and respects the sonorous environment of premature babies.

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parution : 08/06/2016

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