An educational concept

Biotika® is a real springboard for professional life

Founded in 2006, Biotika® is a public company of ISIFC (a biomedical engineering French school) ,it is a non-profit organization eligible for the for French Research Tax Credit.

Integrated into the educational mock-up of ISIFC, Biotika® is also an intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship module of 200 hours hold during the last two years of engineering degree courses (Master level). The unit is built in continuum of the students' internships.

The company is a real springboard to professional life for students. The main objective of Biotika®, within the ISIFC, is to detect and train the industrial leaders of tomorrow and to encourage young people developing entreprising spirit within a structure organized according to specific international quality requirements to health.

Biotika’s temporal organization

Biotika® operates on a part time basis , over fragmented periods of the year and alternating with ISIFC’s  students internships. There is an annual 100% turnover of its students’ teams: the quality management system must be well-established to ease cooperative work with the direction management  team  in place since 2006.

Every year a recruitment campaign is launched according to a selective application procedure (CV, cover letter and interview). Students apply for the various positions available within the company:

  • Project managers
  • R&D engineers 
  • Regulatory affairs engineers
  • Quality engineers 
  • Supplier Quality Assurance engineers
  • Purchasing engineers 
  • Marketing / Prospection engineer

Each student has a specific role positioned within an organizational chart similar to a real business chart.



parution : 08/06/2016

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