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Biotika® is a pre-incubation cell for Biomedical innovative projects development.
Biotika collaborates with the University Hospital Centre of Besançon (CHU), biomedical companies and National Research Centres (CNRS and INSERM). It can be considered as an accelerating process of innovation and creativity.

Since August 2012, Biotika ® has been ISO 13485 certified by the French notified body LNE G-MED for the development of projects, the technical and regulatory assistance for medical devices."


Our Missions

Biotika ® is an R&D department  whose aim is the development of medical devices.
Based on skills of physical measurements and electromechanical for health, Biotika ® provides services in technical and regulatory assistance.



Biotika® comes from an original approach consisting in a full integration of an enterprise in an biomedical engineering school. Biotika® is a true professional opportunity offering to engineering students the possibility to discover all the possible aspects of their future work through the  innovative biomedical project development. This company was built in 2006 on the basis of a training module in the ISIFC formation (Institut Supérieur d'Ingénieurs de Franche-comté, Graduate Master Degree School) at the end of 2nd year  and in the beginning of the third and last year  formation.

The company employs 30 persons including 25 engineering students and five permanent members coming from various backgrounds such as Research, hospitals and business sector. This professional diversity is the strength of our enterprise.



Since its creation:

16 projects were pre-incubated.
5 OSEO financing (young assistant and maturation).
1 funding from the National Research Agency (ANR).
5 clinical trials




parution : 08/06/2016

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