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Biotika® is a non-lucrative company of the ISIFC (The higher institute of engineering specialized in biomedical engineering certified EUR ACE- CTI), Biotika® is on the service of the medical technologies development for research, innovation and/or startups and SMEs.

Biotika® aims to catalyze the collaboration between industrialists and hospitals to accelerate the marketing of health products that are best suited to the needs of clinicians and patients.
Recognized for its expertise in medical devices, Biotika describes itself as an engineering office specialized in technical and medical concepts.  The projects teams carry out the upstream work of your projects with conceiving and designing experimental or digital prototypes in order to conduct feasibility, scientific, and pre-clinical studies. Biotika offers assistance in regulatory affairs/quality, clinical affairs, pre-marketing studies and intellectual property.


parution : 08/06/2016

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